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Reading Endorsement

The need to ensure every child in Florida is literate is urgent and it begins in a student’s first years of school. School and district leadership have the opportunity to provide evidence-based professional development to K-3 Florida educators with no cost to the district.

The Literacy Matrix is already being funded by the state in select Florida districts.

Don’t get left out!

Reading proficiency has been linked to nearly every quality of life indicator, yet only 30% of Florida's third-grade students are proficient according to the Spring 2019 Florida Standards Assessment. Further, a Reading Endorsement or Certification is now required by the state of Florida for teachers who are providing intensive reading interventions, which is a majority of K-3 teachers in the state.

Teachers have the greatest impact on student learning and equipping them with evidence-based tools is key to supporting children learning to read. The Literacy Matrix, our online learning system, gives teachers the reading fundamentals they need to ensure their students have the foundation to be proficient readers.

With your action, the Literacy Matrix can be available to teachers in your school district with no cost to you, while also meeting the requirements for the Florida Reading Endorsement.


Contact your legislators today. Ask that they fund the 
Literacy Matrix professional development in your district.

Our Solution

The Literacy Matrix is an online professional development system proven to increase student reading outcomes. Through competency-based instruction, the Literacy Matrix builds K-3 educators' knowledge and skills on how to effectively teach all students to read.

The Literacy Matrix was developed by the University of Florida with support from the Florida Education Foundation, James Patterson Family Foundation, and Helios Education Foundation.

Proven Impact on Student Learning

The Literacy Matrix is proven to impact teacher knowledge and student reading outcomes:

49% increase in teacher knowledge of decoding

86%  students growth in decoding skills

Content Knowledge

The Literacy Matrix contains seven strands that cover key concepts of effective reading instruction for diverse learners. Each strand begins with foundational content and introduces practical strategies for reading assessment, instruction, and intervention.


At the end of each content strand, participants complete a practicum to apply research-based strategies and demonstrate evidence of their learning. Teachers demonstrate their understanding of each content strand by following a four-step process: assess, plan, implement, and reassess. This includes identifying a small group of students with similar instructional needs, planning for instruction, video recording instruction for feedback, reassessing students to measure progress, and reflecting on the process. Individualized feedback is provided by expert facilitators.

The practicum consists of teachers completing lesson plans and activities aligned with the strand content and then submitting a self-recorded video of the lesson implementation. Individualized feedback on submissions is provided.

Virtual Community

Teachers are part of a virtual learning community and receive coaching in strategy implementation.

Engaging Videos

Engaging videos, led by premiere reading experts, introduce research-based concepts and real-world examples of implemented strategies.

Engaging videos led by premier reading experts who introduce concepts throughout the seven strands.

Interactive Activities

Interactive media activities create an engaging learning environment for teachers to check their understanding.

Custom-Built Platform

The Literacy Matrix is powered by a custom-built Professional Learning Management System, Flamingo Learning, and offered online for ease of access.

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